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Shown above: A selection of porcelain tile options for you to consider, the perfect solution to resilient, moisture-proof, easy-to-maintain flooring for every room in your home.

Porcelain Tile:
Superior in So Many Ways

  • A high-end flooring choice among celebrated designers, porcelain tile flooring offers a wide range of benefits and is also considered renewable when composed of recycled materials.

    For Open Floor Plan designs, especially in areas prone to getting wet from spills, after-shower foot traffic, resistance to damage from heavy usage, and ease of maintenance, a porcelain tile floor can be an excellent solution for your application.

    A magnificent sweep of porcelain tile in the style of crema marfil marble lends an inimitable elegance to this large open space without any of the staining, moisture or wear and tear risks associated with real stone flooring.

    Wood-look porcelain tile can solve the common challenge faced by open-floor-plan designers who love the look of wood but prefer to protect against water damage from kitchen and dining spills.

    Wood-look porcelain tile offers an aesthetically sophisticated, easily maintained and durable floor surface to protect against deterioration from repetitive foot traffic, not to mention wet or soiled shoes.


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