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  • Colorful and Cheerful Marmoleum Linoleum Floor for a Resilient and easy to maintain Child's Room from Foster Flooring
  • Foster Flooring Green Porcelain Tile Stone-Look Flooring for Open-Plan Kitchen-Dining Room
  • Foster Flooring Renewable Bamboo for the most resilient type of floor of all
  • Healthy Sisal Area Rug for a hemp-like floor covering reminiscent of exotic regions of the world from Foster Flooring
  • Cork Flooring for Living_Space from Foster Flooring
  • Healthy Wool Carpeting by Karastan for a classic cozy Living Room Floor from Foster Flooring
  • Healthy Hardwood Ash Flooring for a country kitchen from Foster Flooring

Shown above: A selection of environmentally-friendly options, "green" renewable products, which can promote health for you, your family and also for the Earth.

Go Green!

Go Green with True Linoleum

  • Go Green with Linoleum Flooring

    Classic Linoleum: A Renewable Product that is Hypoallergenic and Durable

Go Green with Sisal

  • Sisal at Foster Flooring

    Sisal: A Natural Renewable Fiber

Go Green with Porcelain Tile

  • Porcelain Tile at Foster Flooring

    Many styles of ceramic and porcelain tile include the use of recycled materials which makes them environmentally-friendly products.

Go Green with Cork

  • The Benefits of Natural Cork Flooring

    The Real Benefits of Natural Cork

Go Green with Bamboo

  • Go Green with Bamboo Flooring

    Bamboo: A Handsome Renewable Product for Responsible Living

Go Green with Hardwood

  • Go Green with Real Hardwood Flooring

    Real Hardwood: A Classic and Naturally Renewable Product for Responsible Living

Go Green with Wool Carpeting

  • Healthy Wool Carpeting by Karastan at Foster Flooring

    Wool: A Renewable Product with a Multitude of Environmental and Health Benefits

  • Healthy Wool Carpeting by Karastan at Foster Flooring

    Wool Carpeting: A Green Choice with Elegant Appeal!

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